My Conscience for a Horse

I blog in iambic pentameter.

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I don’t normally post food on my blog but i’m kinda obsessed with South Korean street food *__*

is this…is this what i think it is…

is this a french fry hot dog??


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fuck titles: Hungover (Lovedrunk Pt. 2)

From my personal blog:


There was a Latina lady in my bed,
More beautiful than I ever saw.
She stole my words and filled my head.
Her touch was shock and awe.

She left me terrified to blink,
In case I made her up.
Too perfect to be here with me, I think;
Too perfect to give up.

Then I find myself awake,
Sitting up in…

I cause problems when I get in my head

But many more when I try to get in yours


Acrylic on canvas. 100cm x 80cm


Acrylic on canvas. 100cm x 80cm


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xanderpander asked: Okay, rap for me.

Girl I’m like coffee with a shot
Drink me slow, you know I’m hot
Grind on me, get some cream
Let me espresso how much you mean to me. 

A haiku I heard today on waking up:


No no no no no,
No no no no no no no,
No no no no no 

A friend of mine once told me something strange:

"Someone told me happiness is a choice."

Whereupon I thought, and thus I responded

"Someone told me being gay is a choice.

If you can really choose to be happy,

Then you can choose to be gay as well, right?”

Now he’s gay and he’s finally happy. 

Fuck your Subaru, I’ve a horse outside.

Girls so pretty you’re scared to talk to them